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Feldenkrais Workshop in Central London


Find freedom in your neck, shoulders and spine

Everyone Welcome!

Neck and shoulder problems are very common today. Many of us are sitting for hours in front of the computer or other devices loosing a sense of how we are sitting, holding ourselves and of how we are actually feeling! Hours later we realise that we are in pain and are feeling uncomfortable.

Stress patterns build up and this can add to an overall sense of not feeling well. The Feldenkrais Method works on many levels. Physical, emotional and how we think and organise.

Let go of stressful habitual patterns + Improve your overall awareness + Feel more focused and full of vitality and much more…

The workshop

A learning experience

The workshop will consist of 2 lessons.You will be lying on a yoga mat during both lessons. It is no problem if you need help getting on and off the floor! You will be verbally guided through a variety of movement sequences that are easy to follow. You are invited to listen to yourself, sense your own comfort zone and ease within each movement pattern. Unusual movement combinations allow you to discover new things. You are invited to explore your own range of movement. The focus is completely on yourself and how you are at this moment in time whilst doing the movements.

At the end participants are often surprised of how deeply released they feel (‘as if I had a massage’). They often feel longer, taller, more grounded. Freer in their movements. Pain areas have released. The mind feels more focused and at peace.

Juliana Brustik is a qualified Feldenkrais practitioner and has also many years’ experience as a dance teacher, performer and choreographer.


Awareness Through Movement

Free up your neck, shoulders and spine


Sunday 27th October 2019

Time  11:00 – 13:00

Cost £24


The Place,
Founder Studio,
17 Duke’s Road,
London WC1H 9PY UK

Booking Enquires

077808 22843