Egyptian Dance


Dance Workshops

Four weekend workshops in Edinburgh in 2019

March 9/10th 2019

May 4/5 2019

Sept 14/15 2019

Nov 23/24 2019

Bookings: 0131 553 2770 email:
Reduction if you book for the whole weekend: £72

Saturday 4th May 2019

Flow Turns Arms
Classical Oriental

General level
1-3.30pm £26

All levels start together with warm-up, basic technique, improving mobility and strengthening our core muscles. We will look at the underlying technique to improve flowing through space with more confidence, improving how we turn and practice expansive and elegant arm moves.

Intermediate/Advanced level
1-5.30pm £45

We will build on the basic material and learn some advanced hip and arm moves to add to our repertoire. Using a combination of short dance phrases and the art of improvisation we will develop a complete dance piece to inspiring pieces of music from some of the great classical composers.

Sunday 5th May 2019

Fire and Earth
The Vitality and Ease of Ghawazee Dance

Intermediate/advanced level
1-5pm £40

This workshop will build on the March workshop. But don’t worry if you did not attend. There will be some revision. Be inspired by the Ghawazee, their exuberance and easy communication with each other! Using basic technique we will learn to dance in duos and trios and create patterns through space. As we progress we will add more advanced advanced hip and arm moves to our repertoire. Using a combination of choreography and improvisation we will develop a complete dance piece to an inspiring piece of music. Dancing like this is great joy!


Granton Parish Church Hall, 55 Boswall Parkway (corner of Wardieburn Drive)

Advanced Classical Weekend

Intensive Dance Weekend with musicians for advanced dancers, performers and teachers.

Day One: Fine tuning your instrument 1-7pm

Our instrument is our body and mind! With the help of a rich variety of bodywork, relaxation and technical dance work we will refine our ability to sense how we use ourselves when we move through space responding to the music. Feeling more in control of ourselves and freed up in our spine and joints allows us to become another instrument and truly communicate with the music. Our body can sing!

Day Two: Being part of the band 10-4.30pm

This day will start with a dance preparation before the band arrives. The focus of this second day is to listen with your whole self to the live music and respond to the nuances and the layering in the compositions. You are another instrument communicating with the band, allowing for subtle interaction. Interwoven throughout the day there will be short sections of body work to enhance your alignment, spatial awareness and strengthen your performance skills.


We are looking forward again to working with three of the top musicians from the Arab music world!

  • Emile Bassili – violine
  • Gamal Awad – org
  • Tim Garside – percussion

Advanced Classical Weekend


13th – 14th July 2019


Chisenhale Dance Space,
64-84 Chisenhale Rd,
London E3 5QZ

Booking Inquires

077808 22843

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Judy and Juliana have been working together for more than 20 years creating intensive workshops for experienced dancers. They are offering a unique combination of anatomically safe and sound body work taken from their wide range of expertise (Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Contemporary Dance, Pilates, Tai chi, Qi Gong and more) to support the technical and creative dance development in the classical Eyptian Oriental dance form (Raqs Sharqi) and deepen the understanding of how to dance to live music.

JULIANA BRUSTIK is one of the leading dance performers and teachers in the UK of Egyptian dance. She has many years of experience of working with top musicians (including the late Ibrahim el Minyawi and Sheikh Taha). Her dance degree in Contemporary Dance/choreography and qualification in the Feldenkrais Method have helped her expand the traditional language of the dance into a  contemporary expressive art form.

JUDY HAMMOND Her decades of researching and teaching dance, movement and Alexander Technique and working with many fine musicians, dancers and actors have in the past twenty years resulted in the creation of some probably unique ways of enhancing the performer’s kinaesthetic awareness, sensitive response to music and ability to ground and centre one’s energies. The results are a joy to experience for the dancer and audience.