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Dance Workshops

Workshops in Edinburgh in 2019

Saturday 23rd November 2019

Egyptian Baladi & Folk

General level
1-3.30pm £26

All levels start together with warm-up, basic technique, improving mobility and strengthening our core muscles. Baladi and Folk both share an earthy quality with strong hips and relaxed natural arm positions. We will improve our basics.

Intermediate/Advanced level
1-5.30pm £45

We will build on the basic material and learn some advanced hip and arm moves to add to our repertoire. We will work solo and explore some group work and have fun dancing with each other to a variety of music tracks.

VENUE:  Granton Parish Church Hall, 55 Boswall Parkway (corner of Wardieburn Drive)

BOOKING: Please ring Anne on 0131 553 2770 or email:

Sunday 24th November 2019


Booking now!!!!!!
from 7.30pm onwards

VENUE: Postal Bowling Club, 31A Queens Park Ave, Edinburgh EH8 7
Booking with Irene: 07964957985

This is a yearly event and great fun for all.
A great mix of dance performers, soloists and groups showcase their dances. Colourful and inspiring.

Special Offer

feldenkrais in edinburgh

Participants of the Saturday dance workshop can take part in the Feldenkrais workshop on Sunday Find Freedom in your Neck, Shoulders and Spine for a reduced price!


Book Feldenkrais

Classical Egyptian Dance

for Advanced dancers, teachers and performers

Come away feeling more elegant and expressive!
Allow your body to sing!
Become one with the music.

A Holistic Approach

Rather than just thinking of the dance moving from one separate step and position to the next you will find the flow from the soles of your feet through your whole spine into the head and arms, the flow from one move to the next. You will find the confidence in how to navigate yourself through space, creating graceful curved lines punctuated by expressive hips, chest and arms. Your dance will look more elegant and effortless.

And of course we will add our own contemporary take on use of space, choreography and dramatic expression.

Individual Attention

Limited student numbers and the presence of two teachers allows for individual attention. The atmosphere is warm and non-competitive and each dancer is supported in her unique development. Non-intrusive hands-on using the Alexander Technique Principles of alignment are given as needed. We are always open to respond to your needs.

Classical Egyptian Dance

with Juliana Brustik & Judy Hammond

for Advanced dancers, teachers and performers

Date:  2nd November 2019

Time: 1-7pm


Chisenhale Dance Space,
64-84 Chisenhale Rd,
London E3 5QZ

Cost: £105

Early bird reduction: £85 (payable by 30th Sept) If you are not able to pay the whole early bird amount by this date we can come to some arrangement

Booking Inquires

077808 22843

Team Work

Juliana Brusitk and Judy Hammond have been teaching and performing Egyptian dance (classical and folkloric styles) for over two decades. Working for over 20 years as a team combining their skills and experience Juliana and Judy have created a unique way of deepening the dancer’s understanding of how to use themselves more effectively and safely to allow for a more expressive dance.

Their combined body of knowledge includes Alexander Technique, the Feldenkrais Method, Tai Chi, classical Ballet, contemporary dance, Pilates and more. Their way of working addresses the underlying elements of this dance:

Floating spine and arms
Poised head
Expansive use of space and direction
Intricate interplay of arms, hips and spine

Refreshments during the day

There is a spacious kitchen with a sitting area where you can hang out during the breaks. Teas, coffee, biscuits and fruit are provided.

Accommodation: some London students might be able to offer a bed/room for a very low cost. Please contact us if you are able to offer a bed or if you need a bed!