Feldenkrais Classes

By heightening our awareness of our movement, breathing and posture, the Feldenkrais Method® brings us closer to realising our full human potential. Bringing this into our lives, we learn to move more freely, with greater ease, flexibility and grace. The Method can permanently improve our posture, balance and coordination, awakening our innate capacity for life-long vitality and continuing self-development.




I am a member of the Feldenkrais Guild and I run two weekly ATM classes as well as small private classes. I also hold several workshops a year in and outside London. I enjoy collaborating with practitioners of other movement or mindfulness methods. I regularly run residentials and workshops together with the Alexander teacher Judy Hammond and last year I collaborated several times with Sound Bath practitioner Mona Mock.

The students in my classes and private practice (Functional Integration) come from all walks of life and cover a wide age range. Clients bring with them a variety of conditions and interests, including Osteoarthritis, Scoliosis, Fibromyalgia, looking for rehabilitation support after knee and hip operations, dancers, sports enthusiasts and musicians keen on improving their performance skills.

[lvca_heading style=”style2″ align=”left” heading=”Saturday workshop” short_text=”Moving with Ease and Joy”]

16th June 2018  11am-5pm

Judy Hammond and I are pleased to announce a one day Saturday workshop Moving with Ease and Joy combining Alexander Technique and the Feldenkrais Method. As some of you will know both methods allow you to understand more about body awareness, how to improve your physical use of self in everyday life, sport, dance, running and more. This workshop suits all that are curious about how to let go of old habitual movement patterns that have developed over a life time and have become limiting physically as well as phsychologically. A lot of the time you will be working by yourself and sometimes you will work in pairs using gentle touch. You are invited to explore and discover new freer and more pleasurable ways of moving. Come away refreshed in body and mind! People of all ages and levels of fitness will benefit from the course – and those of you who are dancers/musicians/sports enthusiasts may find a whole new level of ease and dexterity in your favourite activity

No previous experience necessary.


The workshop takes place in the bright and spacious first floor studio in Eastbourne House Arts (access via stairs only), The London Buddhist Arts Centre, Bullards Place, London, E2 OPT

7 min walk from Bethnal Green Underground (Central Line)

There will be a 1 hour lunch break. Feel free to bring your own lunch or go to one of the cafes nearby. We also have access to a fully equiped kitchen. We will provide hot drinks, biscuits and fruit.


[lvca_pricing_table per_line=”1″][lvca_pricing_plan button_new_window=”true” pricing_title=”16th June 2018 from 11am-5pm ” tagline=”Feldenkrais Workshop” price_tag=”£75″ button_text=”julbrustik@yahoo.co.uk” button_url=”url:mailto%3Ajulbrustik%40yahoo.co.uk|||”]

Early Bird reduction: if you pay the whole amount by 1st May you receive a £10 reduction so you pay £65

(we will send you payment details once we hear from you)


[lvca_pricing_table per_line=”1″][lvca_pricing_plan button_new_window=”true” pricing_title=”Wednesdays Weekly 12-1pm” tagline=”The Well Garden” pricing_img=”1480″ price_tag=”£12 (Drop-in)” button_text=”More Info” button_url=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fthewellgarden.co.uk%2Fjuliana-brustik%2F|||”]

The Well Garden
The Village Green, Hackney Downs Studios
17 Amhurst Terrace, London E8 2BT

reduced rate if you buy a 10-session card


One To One

Functional Integration

These sessions take place in London E5, Central Hackney
The cost for a 55min session is £50
Concessions Available
If you are a weekly class member of either a Feldenkrais class or dance class there is a reduced price


New venue

Greenwich Classes


[lvca_pricing_table per_line=”1″][lvca_pricing_plan pricing_title=”Term 1″ tagline=”Feldenkrais Greenwich” price_tag=”£50 (Term 1)” button_text=”julbrustik@yahoo.co.uk” button_url=”url:mailto%3Ajulbrustik%40yahoo.co.uk||target:%20_blank|”]

Term 1 2018

3rd May
10th May
31st May
7th June
14th June



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Term 2 2018

21st June
28th June
5th July
12th July
19th July






West Greenwich Community Centre

141 Greenwich High Road
London SE10 8JA